New Indoor Sports Facility

The Why


The Indoor Sports Facility Market Demand and Financial Feasibility Study and Vision 2020 Needs Assessment revealed:

Strong demand for gymnasium and indoor turf space due to:

  • Existing gymnasiums being increasingly difficult to access
  • Need for a minimum of four courts to accommodate local demand
  • Potential exists to attract larger, non-local tournaments with a larger facility
  • No indoor turf facility in Elmhurst
  • Nearby turf facilities are not large enough to accommodate practice, games, training and other demands
  • Need an outdoor turf back-up location in spring/summer when inclement weather forced practices indoors

“There are people from Elmhurst leaving our town to go to these facilities. We should have that here.”

Indoor Space Priority
Indoor Sports Facility

Benefits & Opportunities 

  • Additional sports and recreation opportunities for local youths and adults
  • Reduction in the need for residents to leave Elmhurst for sports and recreation activities
  • Facilitate relationships and increase offerings with community partners
  • Provide the ability to host local and regional tournaments
  • Enhanced community pride, self-image, exposure and reputation

“I’m more thinking for young adults who want intramural sport options that would serve that community, as well as the school-age kids. Then there’s bringing in revenue from outside the town, when you have other towns bringing in visiting sports teams."


  • User Groups
  • Leagues
  • Instructional Classes
  • Open Play and Use
  • Local and Non-local Tournaments
  • Clinics

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“As the kids get older, we need 90-foot length fields. The baseball really lacked here, and whenever we played at other places, you’d always hear the parents and the players say, 'Jeez, I wish we had this.'"


Proposed Uses

indoor sports
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Pickleball
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Flag Football
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Cheerleading
  • Rugby
  • Walking and Jogging

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Proposed Solution

To address the lack of and high demand for gymnasium, indoor turf and indoor walking/jogging track spaces, the District proposes acquiring land at 837 S. Riverside Drive ($15 million) and constructing a new 161,500 sq. ft. indoor sports facility ($57 million). This new facility would offer sports and recreation opportunities for all ages, reducing the need for residents to leave Elmhurst and provide community partners, such as local sports and eSports areas to expand the programming currently available to the Elmhurst community. During the first year of operation, costs are projected to be subsidized approximately $220,000 and stabilize in year three.

Whether you play basketball, volleyball, pickleball, lacrosse, soccer, flag football, rugby, Ultimate Frisbee or eSports or walk, jog or run, this facility will keep you active and enjoying your sport locally rather than having to travel outside of Elmhurst.


Space Concepts

Indoor Sports
Indoor Sports
  • 161,500 square foot facility 
  • Six (6) hard-court gymnasiums (six basketball/pickleball or 12 volleyball courts) with spectator seating and storage
  • Two (2) full-sized turf fields (185'x75') with seating, storage, and drop-down batting cages
  • Elevated walking/jogging track with multiple lanes
  • Sports performance training area
  • Multipurpose rooms for programs and rentals
  • eSports gaming for individual and team use
  • Physical therapy area
  • Lobby and food service areas with seating
  • Team lockers/showers
  • 650+ parking spaces

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Potential Indoor Sports Facility Location

  • 837 S. Riverside Drive (Intersection of RT. 83 and Riverside Drive, east of Villa Park Walmart)
  • 16.4 acre site

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Indoor Sports