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The Why

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The Abbey

The Vision 2020 Needs Assessment revealed:

The Abbey senior center's current facility conditions

  • C+ (fair) overall score on an independent facility assessment
  • Space constraints prohibiting expansion of programs and services within current square footage (5,000 sq. ft.)
  • Institutional exterior and interior appearance need updating and improvements
  • Significant aging to the 1953 original structure and 1964 addition
  • Two single-use restrooms do not support current building usage/visitors



“If you want people to stay and have community, you have to set up a space for that…You have a lot provided for younger folks, but for adults and seniors, I think you have to do the same.”

Elmhurst New Adult Center
New Senior Centers
New Senior Centers2

“Put access to existing outdoor park, with the thinking that, when the weather is nice you could actually hold your classes outside, on doing things like Tai chi.”


Benefits and Opportunities 

  • Expand adult and senior programming options with new, welcoming, and more functional spaces for adults of all ages
  • Create a multi-dimensional center, including moving social services currently at Elmhurst City Hall to a new location
  • Facilitate relationships and increase offerings with community partners, such as College of DuPage and Elmhurst Public Library
  • Redevelop recently purchased property and building at 155 E. St. Charles Road and, after moving senior programs to the new center, potentially sell The Abbey property to Elmhurst School District #205


  • Continuing Education
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Low Impact Fitness
  • Dance
  • Bingo
  • Parties/Special Events
  • Luncheons
  • Seminars
  • Clubs
  • Cooking Classes

"Socialization is important at senior center. Centrally located if possible. Seniors built this town. Don’t forget us! Outdoor space needed for center. Tables. Pond.”


Proposed Solution

New adult center

To expand programming options with new, welcoming and more functional spaces for adults of all ages, the District proposes constructing a new multi-dimensional adult center at the recently purchased property on 155 E. St. Charles Road ($6.6 million total cost). Senior programs would move from The Abbey to this new location, and programming and services would be expanded to provide a diverse array of options for adults of all ages, including through partnerships with the College of DuPage and potentially housing social services currently at Elmhurst City Hall.

After senior programs move to this new location, the District would potentially sell The Abbey to Elmhurst School District #205. Any increased expenses related to the new adult center operations (projected to be $75,000 annually) will be offset with increased revenue from expanded programs at the proposed new Wagner Community Center and Eldridge Park Recreation Building. The District will also be developing the open space at 155 E. St. Charles Road into a neighborhood park, based on feedback from the community.

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Space concepts

  • Lobby/lounge area with seating
  • Modern classroom and large multipurpose room for programs, events, and rentals
  • Arts and craft room
  • Dance/low impact fitness studio
  • Social service provider spaces
  • Outdoor spaces/classroom
  • Control desk/office
  • 67 parking spaces

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New adult center 1
New adult center 2

Location | 155 E. St. Charles Road

  • Intersection of St. Charles Road and Kenilworth Avenue
  • 2.92 acres
  • Ideally sized and situated for a 12,800 sq. ft. facility and a new park

Images Courtesy of Dewberry

New adult center location