Improve Conditions and Maintenance

The Why

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Improve Park Maintenance Grade

The Vision 2020 Needs Assessment revealed:

  • The park system overall is in fair condition with an average score of 79 (C+)
  • Current staffing levels provide a "C" level of maintenance based on National Recreation & Parks Association guidelines for acres per staff
Improve Park Maintenance survey results

Benefits and Opportunities

  • Achieve a higher and consistent quality standard of maintenance across the park system by having a proactive rather than reactive approach
  • Improve the natural environment, which impacts quality of life
  • Protect and preserve District assets
  • Increase community satisfaction with condition of athletic fields
  • Address the future impact of expanded and new facilities on long-term maintenance resources

"Recently moved from Lombard which had better upkeep and parks. Would like those addressed, specifically maintenance of soccer and baseball fields."

Current Conditions

  • Over 450 acres maintained at 30 sites
  • 2,451 athletic field preps annually
  • 18,250 trash barrels emptied annually
  • 5,000+ trees throughout the park system
  • 632 cuts of turf annually by mow crew
  • 75 acres of natural areas 
  • 691,586 sq. ft. of parking lots
  • 6.23 miles of trails
  • 990 tree memorials
  • 780 playground inspections annually
Elmhurst Park District Current Conditions

Proposed Solution:

The District proposes a more effective Parks Department staffing structure with three divisions and solving park maintenance space needs by providing:

Improve park maintenence stats

The cost impact of raising park maintenance standards at all parks and addressing operational deficiencies is $1.8 million in operating expenses and $3.5 million to build the satellite maintenance facility.