Acquire More Open Space

The Why


The Vision 2020 Needs Assessment revealed:

  • For the total acres of parks and open space managed by EPD, the District is 143.9 acres short of the recommended 547.1 acres
  • The Park District falls below local, regional, and national benchmarks for parks and open space (acreage and distribution). National Recreation and Parks Association Level of Service Analysis
Elmhurst Acquire More Open Space Acreage Shortage
Elmhurst Acquire More Open Space Survey Results

“I think that there’s a need for us to have more outdoor space. Especially with all the people moving into town now. With all the high-rise complexes going up with more condo space, you’re going to have more people who are going to want to utilize these spaces. Not just for their kids but also for themselves. We need more park space.”


Benefits and Opportunities

  • Provide equity across the community regarding access to parks
  • Protect and preserve open space from the impacts of urban development
  • Provide environmental and social benefits that improve quality of life
  • Foster increased economic benefits that are a direct results of proximity to park service
  • Expand park offerings and the level of services provided to the community

“This town is getting swallowed up with building everywhere. And I feel like it’s a responsibility of the Park District.”

Proposed Solution

To narrow the overall deficiency in park space and access to parks across all neighborhoods, the District proposes acquiring property to spread park space more evenly throughout the community.

The District would prioritize acquisition in areas that were identified as park deserts as shown on the adjacent map in pink and is asking the community to support annual funding of $500,000 to purchase available property for parks.

Acquire More Open Space Map

“…area is becoming more congested and park space would benefit our neighborhood.”