Based on the proposed project costs and the Park District’s available budget and debt limits, additional funding is necessary for the Vision 2020 community priorities to become a reality. Potential funding could include, but is not limited to:

  • Referendum (bond sale and/or rate increase)
  • Partnerships
  • Grants
  • Naming Rights

Results of a registered voter survey conducted in November 2019 illustrated that voters do not support a tax increase to cover the total cost proposed for all of the projects. Based on this input, the Park Board decided not to consider a potential referendum in March 2020 and include the $57 million Indoor Sports Facility project in any potential future referendum.

In early 2020, the Park Board and staff continued to review and refine project plans and cost/funding options based on the District’s long-term financial picture, needs assessment data, Vision 2020 community and voter surveys results, and focus groups held in early March 2020. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Park Board refocused its funding strategy at its March 30, 2020 meeting by stopping planning for a potential referendum in November 2020 and pursuing the contingent based purchase of the 837 S. Riverside Drive property. 

After this current situation stabilizes and the long-term financial impacts are known, the Park Board and staff will consider new financial strategies to address project priorities. The District will continue gathering community feedback to ensure that the community’s future parks and recreation needs are met in a fiscally responsible and sustainable manner. The Park Board will be transparent with the community on the next steps that it will take to move Vision 2020 priorities forward.

Visit Next Steps to learn more about Vision 2020 progress plans.


Current Share

The Elmhurst Park District’s current share of your tax dollar is 5.42% or 5.42 cents of your tax dollar.


2018 Tax Rate

The Park District’s 2018 Tax Rate as compared to other DuPage County Park Districts:

Park District’s 2018 Tax Rate as compared to other DuPage County Park Districts