Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vision 2020?

Vision 2020 is a collaborative community-wide effort to define Elmhurst’s priorities and help guide future Park District planning efforts. We’re using Park District resources to put your long-range vision into action. Research we conducted to help develop Vision 2020 confirmed that Elmhurst’s residents love their parks and want to ensure the facilities and opportunities they enjoy are preserved and improved for current and future generations.

How did the Park District gather community input?

We’ve gathered your suggestions, ideas and feedback through several points of community input and discussion since our Vision 2020 process began in Fall 2016, such as at open houses and through scientific and online surveys, focus groups and interviews. We also conducted a community needs assessment of current programs, facilities and amenities. We’re still listening and want to hear from you. Let us know what your vision for the future of Elmhurst’s programs, parks and open space looks like.

How were the six projects chosen?

Your Vision 2020 feedback illuminated several needs and priorities that are important to you. The Park District listened to residents and community stakeholders and used the key findings from that input to guide future planning efforts. The six potential projects outlined here are all high priorities for our community.

How will the Park District pay for these potential projects and their future maintenance and upkeep?

Based on the potential costs and the Park District’s available budget, additional funding will be necessary for the projects identified as community priorities. The Park District has determined what it might cost to provide the facilities and amenities the community wants and is conducting a survey of registered voters to see the level of support for a referendum to fund these projects. The survey results will provide the Board direction on the community’s preferred options for funding Vision 2020 projects. The Board will review this input and decide on next steps in late November and December.

When will you start work on these projects (e.g., land acquisition, construction, increased maintenance, etc.)?

Additional funding is necessary for these projects. Therefore, the availability of additional resources and revenue will dictate if and when work could begin on the new dog park, new adult center, new indoor sports facility, new Wagner Community Center and Eldridge Recreation Building, acquisition of more open space, and improved maintenance.

I want to see these projects happen. Is there anything I can do to help?

Thank you for your support! Please help us keep the conversation going. Post what you like about projects that interest you on social media using the #Vision2020 hashtag. Continue to provide feedback and attend our public meetings and open houses. Share with us and with your friends what these potential park district projects mean to you. Follow the Elmhurst Park District on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and look for updates and information on our website at and in our E-newsletter, A Walk in the Park. You can sign up for our E-newsletter here.

What are the six projects?

The six projects are acquiring land and building a new Indoor Sports Facility (at the intersection of South Riverside Drive and Rt. 83); constructing a new Adult Center on recently purchased land (at the intersection of St. Charles Road and Kenilworth Avenue); replacing the Wagner Community Center and Eldridge Park Recreation Building; developing a Dog Park (at 0S761 Old York Road); Acquiring Open Space in identified neighborhoods lacking parks; and Improving the Maintenance and Condition of all Parks.

How can I learn more about these projects?

You can learn more about these projects and share feedback at open houses in November or on this website. Click here for more details about the open houses including dates and locations.