Park District works to refine Vision 2020 based on community feedback

Vision 2020 Elmhurst Park District Comprehensive Plan

Results of a registered voter survey conducted last November illustrated that voters do not support a tax increase to cover the total cost proposed for all of the projects.

Based on this input, the Park Board is no longer considering a potential referendum in March 2020 and is no longer including the $57 million Indoor Sports Facility project in any potential future referendum.

The purchase of the 837 S. Riverside Drive property, previously meant to be used as the location of an indoor sports facility, will now be contingent upon passage of a potential referendum in November. While the community does not seem willing to pay for an indoor sports facility at this time, the Park Board now has additional time to consider the property and its long term potential.

The Elmhurst Park District continues to be focused on gathering feedback and listening to the community. Let us know what your vision for the future of Elmhurst's programs, parks and open space looks like.

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