Based on the proposed project costs and the Park District’s available budget and debt limits, additional funding is necessary for the Vision 2020 community priorities to become a reality. Potential funding could include, but is not limited to:

  • Referendum (bond sale and/or rate increase)
  • Partnerships
  • Grants
  • Naming Rights

Results of a registered voter survey conducted in November 2019 illustrated that voters do not support a tax increase to cover the total cost proposed for all of the projects.

Based on this input, the Park Board is no longer considering a potential referendum in March 2020 and is no longer including the $57 million Indoor Sports Facility project in any potential future referendum.

Visit Next Steps to learn more about Vision 2020 progress plans.



Current Share

The Elmhurst Park District’s current share of your tax dollar is 5.42% or 5.42 cents of your tax dollar.


2018 Tax Rate

The Park District’s 2018 Tax Rate as compared to other DuPage County Park Districts:

Park District’s 2018 Tax Rate as compared to other DuPage County Park Districts

History of Park District Referenda

In 1920, Elmhurst residents formed the Elmhurst Park District, thereby creating a legacy for parks and recreation in the community. Continuing this legacy, Elmhurst Park District voters subsequently passed two referenda to increase the tax rate to fund critical future parks and recreation needs in the community.  The first, in 1958, was passed to increase the tax rate for maintenance and development and recreational program funding. In 1972, a second referendum was passed for a tax rate increase and bond issue to acquire and expand park space and facilities throughout the community. It has been nearly 50 years since the last referendum passed and as the community celebrates the District’s 100th birthday in 2020, residents will determine the level of funding available for the District to meet the critical future park and recreation needs as identified by Elmhurst residents.